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Election of Officers


One (1) Director will be nominated and elected by each professional, occupational, or employee interest group as determined by Executive Council of which at least ten (10) individuals are members of the Association. The Directors will be nominated and elected by persons of the same occupational, or employee interest groups. (Current Employee Interest Groups: Clinics, CCMB, CTS.)

One (1) Director will be elected and nominated by the Association members in each Regional Health Authority (RHA) that employs Association members. The members will nominate and elect their Director on a regional basis.

Elections will ordinarily be held by mail-in ballot within one (1) month before the Annual General Meeting.

Elections shall be determined by the greatest number of eligible votes cast in favour of a particular candidate.

Upon petition of twenty-five percent (40%) of members eligible to elect any particular officer, a mail-in vote shall be conducted to determine whether an officer is to be removed from office. A majority of ballots cast shall determine the issue.



This page was last updated on March 31, 2006