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Staff Representatives


Each group of employees with a commonality of working conditions shall be entitled to elect one (1) Staff Representative per twenty five (25) members (or portion thereof) to serve as its principal contact with the Association.  A partial list of factors that may be used to define commonality of working conditions could include site, occupation, and geographical setting.

a)   Staff Representative shall be elected for 2 (two) year terms commencing at the close of the Annual General Meeting at which they are elected.

b)   Staff Representative may be appointed by the Executive Council at the request of members who present a completed Nomination Form.  The temporary appointment is terminated at the next AGM.

Nomination and Election of Staff Representatives shall follow the policies and procedures as outlined in Articles:  702, 703, and 704 applying to the election of officers.  The election results will be publicized to the relevant membership.

Staff Representatives shall keep the membership informed of Association activities, and communicate all relevant developments within their bargaining unit.

Staff Representatives’ meetings shall be held not less than five (5) times each year.


This page was updated on January 24, 2008