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Under the direction of the Executive, the staff act as spokespersons for the bargaining committees when meeting with the employer to negotiate new or revised Collective Agreements. The staff also work with members to resolve grievances, serve as a resource for all aspects of the employment relationship, and to represent the Association in meetings with government, business, employers, pension committees, and other unions.

The staff inform members of their rights under the Collective Agreement, various acts of the government of Manitoba (Human Rights, Labour Relations, Employment Standards, etc.) while working closely with the elected Staff Representatives of the various bargaining units to ensure that MAHCP policies and practices reflect the membership. In addition, the staff are also involved in negotiating essential service agreements with each employer prior to the expiry of the Collective Agreements.



Executive Director
Mr. Lee Manning

EMAIL:  lee@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425, extension 202

Executive Liaison
Mr. Tim Smith

EMAIL:  tim@mahcp.ca
Phone:  (204) 772-0425, extension 220

Legal Counsel
Mr. Jacob Giesbrecht

PHONE: (204) 772-0425

Communications Officer
Ms. Bernice Pontanilla

EMAIL:  bernice@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425, extension 207

Administrative Supervisor
Ms. Janet Beaudry

EMAIL:  janet@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425, extension 214

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Joan Ewonchuk

EMAIL:  joan@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425, extension 224

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Cathy Langit

EMAIL:  cathy@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425, extension 216

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Rachiel Langit
EMAIL:  rachiel@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425, extension 201

Ms. Jenny Malubag
EMAIL:  jenny@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425, extension 216

Ms. Karen Finlay
EMAIL: karen@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425

For general information EMAIL:  info@mahcp.ca



Labour Relations Officer
Nathan Laser

EMAIL:  nathan@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 560-2202

Canadian Blood Services
Concordia Hospital & Pharmacy
Rehabilitation Centre for Children
St. Boniface Hospital

Labour Relations Officer
Cheryl Beal

EMAIL:  cherylb@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-3520

Health Sciences Centre

Labour Relations Officer
Birgit Molinski

EMAIL:  birgit@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425

Shared Health – Laboratory – Winnipeg

Labour Relations Officer
Garrett Finck

EMAIL:  garrett@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425

Shared Health – Diagnostics – St. Boniface Hospital
Shared Health – Diagnostics – Northern and Southern Regions
Northern Regional Health Authority (Interim)
Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (Interim)
Actionmarguerite (Interim)

Labour Relations Officer
Chelsea Kaufmann

EMAIL:  chelsea@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425

Brandon Clinic
Breast Health Centre – Clerical
CancerCare Manitoba
Community Therapy Services
Dynacare – Winnipeg and Brandon
WRHA Corporate Program – Access Downtown, Patient Transport Program, Clinical Engineering, Home Care, Imaging Equipment Services, Nutrition/FS/Family Med, Occupational Environmental Safety & Health, Tissue Bank, Breast Health Centre

Labour Relations Officer
Angie Boehm

EMAIL:  angie@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425

Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre
Deer Lodge Centre & Pharmacy
Health Sciences Centre Pharmacy
Misericordia Health Centre
Riverview Health Centre Pharmacy
Seven Oaks General Hospital & Pharmacy

Labour Relations Officer
Cory Szczepanski

EMAIL: cory@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425

Victoria General Hospital & Pharmacy

Labour Relations Officer
Gill Gagné

EMAIL: gill@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-0425

Jocelyn House