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Career Profiles


Audiologist (June 2004 Newsletter)

Cardiology Technologist (June 2010 Newsletter)

Clinical Trials Coordinator (March 2010 Newsletter)

Cytotechnologists (September 2012 Newsletter)

Dietitian (June 2017)

EEG, Children’s (June 2012 Newsletter)

EMT (Paramedic) (September 2005 Newsletter)

Genetic Counsellor (March 2011 Newsletter)

Home Care Resource Coordinator (April 2005 Newsletter)

Midwife (March 2006 Newsletter)

Music Therapist (June 2013 Newsletter)

Neurodiagnostic Technologist (March 2012 Newsletter)

Nuclear Medicine Technologist (December 2007 Newsletter)

Occupational Therapist (December 2005 Newsletter)

Occupational Therapist (June 2007 Newsletter)

Orthopedic Technologist (December 2004 Newsletter)

Orthopedic Technologist (December 2009 Newsletter)

Pharmacy Technician (June 2005 Newsletter)

Physiotherapist (September 2006 Newsletter)

Polysomnography Technologist (September 2009 Newsletter)

Radiation Therapist (March 2007 Newsletter)

Recreation Coordinator (June 2006 Newsletter)

Recreation Coordinator (June 2014 Newsletter)

Respiratory Therapist (December 2006 Newsletter)

Social Worker (September 2008 Newsletter)

Social Worker (December 2011 Newsletter)

Sonographer (September 2010 Newsletter)


If you would like to submit a Career Profile for your classification, please leave a message for the MAHCP News Editor, Bernice Pontanilla at (204) 772-0425 or email c/o bernice@mahcp.ca.