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Honour Roll



The intent to publicly acknowledge the contribution of a Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals member who has enabled the Association to grow and prosper.  This includes individuals who have given a generous amount of time serving as an elected officer on the Executive Council or one of many committees such as EAP, HEPP, Workplace Health and Safety.  It also includes individuals who have helped organize or were instrumental in organizing groups to join the Association.  Normally, individuals who have retired or are close to retirement and who have the general support of their colleagues would be considered.


Deadline for submissions will be no later than the end of July.  Please send submissions to:

MAHCP Honour Roll
101-1500 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3E 0P9


A member in good standing:

1.   Who has served in an elected position on the Executive for at least two terms and/or
2.   Who has served as a representative of the Association on Committees such as collective bargaining, EAP, Workplace Health and Safety and/or
3.   Who has in a major way assisted in organizing new units for the Association and/or
4.   Who has actively promoted the Association to others
5.   A member who has retired or is close to retirement.
6.   A member who is generally recognized as a positive influence on behalf of the Association by their peers.


This page was last updated on September 28, 2012