Local Strike Captain Sign-Up

Strike Captains will help us organize and execute picket lines and other strike-related activities in the event of a strike.

If you like organizing people, if you’re a born communicator, if you’re the go-to at your workplace, or if you’re just mad as hell and ready to lead, you should sign up today by filling out the form below. All strike captains will receive training and ongoing support. See the official code of conduct and some sample responsibilities below.

Code of Conduct:
The Local Strike Captain shall neither cause nor allow any organizational practice, decision or activity that;

    1. is unethical, illegal or imprudent;
    2. is not directed towards the mission and ends of the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals (MAHCP) as defined by the Executive Council in its written policies; or
    3. would cause significant embarrassment or loss of reputation to MAHCP.


  • Reports to the Chief Strike Captain.
  • Should be an Association Member Advocate (present or past), if possible.
  • Responsible, in conjunction with the Chief Strike Captain, for the actions of picketers and members supplying essential services in their area.
  • Establishes picketing rotations in coordination with other Local Picket Captains in their facility/site.
  • Help maintain sign-in sheets for picketers and essential services.
  • Keep informed regarding essential services, negotiations, strike strategies, etc.
  • Performs such other duties and functions as the Chief Strike Captain may determine from time to time.