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The Executive Board wants to hear from you.  On January 17, 2004, the Executive Board initiated an “Ask the President” form.  If you have a question/suggestion/concern, the President will answer you within 21 days of receiving the question/suggestion/concern.

This form can also be used for giving us your home email address as well as address changes, name changes or any other change in your personal or employment status.

If your question is of interest to others and it doesn’t violate confidentiality rules and guidelines, the question and the response may be published in the newsletter if you provide permission.  Please note that all correspondence will be kept confidential unless permission is sought and received to publish it.

If you prefer, you can print out a copy of this form and send it to MAHCP at a later date.



Bob Moroz
204-772-0425 ext 213



Ms. Cheryl Beal

EMAIL:  cherylb@mahcp.ca
PHONE: (204) 772-3520

Health Sciences Centre

Ms. Angie Boehm

EMAIL:  angie@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425, extension 219

Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre
Deer Lodge Centre & Pharmacy
Health Sciences Centre Pharmacy
Misericordia Health Centre
Riverview Health Centre Pharmacy
Seven Oaks General Hospital & Pharmacy

Mr. Garrett Finck

EMAIL:  garrett@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425, extension 208

Diagnostic Services Manitoba – St. Boniface Hospital
Diagnostic Services Manitoba – Northern and Southern Regions
Northern Regional Health Authority (Interim)
Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD) (Interim)
Actionmarguerite (Saint Boniface) (Interim)

Mr. Gill Gagné

EMAIL:  gill@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425, extension 225

Jocelyn House

Ms. Chelsea Kaufmann

EMAIL:  chelsea@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425, extension 221

Brandon Clinic
Breast Health Centre – Clerical
CancerCare Manitoba
Community Therapy Services
Dynacare – Winnipeg and Brandon
Manitoba Clinic (Interim)
Winnipeg Clinic (Interim)
WRHA Corporate Program – Access Downtown, Patient Transport Program, Clinical Engineering, Home Care, Nutrition/FS/Family Med, Occupational Environmental Safety & Health, Tissue Bank, Breast Health Centre

Mr. Nathan Laser

EMAIL:  nathan@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425, extension 210

Canadian Blood Services
Concordia Hospital & Pharmacy
Rehabilitation Centre for Children
St. Boniface Hospital

Labour Relations Officer
Ms. Birgit Molinski

EMAIL:  birgit@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425, extension 209

Diagnostic Services Manitoba – Winnipeg

Mr. Cory Szczepanski

EMAIL:  cory@mahcp.ca
PHONE:  (204) 772-0425, extension 206

Victoria General Hospital & Pharmacy


For general information, email info@mahcp.ca, call 204-772-0425 (toll free: 1-800-315-3331), or use the form below.