Executive Council

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MAHCP Districts

MAHCP members resoundingly approved a new model for Executive Council representation at the Special Meeting of the membership held on January 26, 2021. Our Constitution now states that “Executive Council shall establish, in the best interest of the Association, the number of Districts, District composition, and the number of Directors for each District.”

MAHCP’s governing council now has a fixed number of seats for Directors, a total of 16. New Districts are based primarily on geography, with consideration given to other factors such as number of members in each District and driving distances.

Each District comprises members at distinct MAHCP sites or employers, with Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface Hospital divided into more than one District due to the number of members at those sites. See below for District names and details to find out which district you are in, and contact info@mahcp.ca or 204-772-0425 with any questions.

District # District Area
1 Northern – East
2 Northern – West
3 Prairie Mountain Health – North
4 Prairie Mountain Health – South
5 Southern
6 Interlake-Eastern
7 Winnipeg – Northeast
8 Winnipeg – North
9 Winnipeg – Notre Dame
10 Winnipeg – West
11 Winnipeg – Southeast
12 Winnipeg – South
13 Winnipeg – Central 1
14 Winnipeg – Central 2
15 Winnipeg – Central 3
16 Winnipeg – Central 4



District Detail

1 Northern – East
Churchill Health Centre
Gillam EMS
Gillam Hospital
Grand Rapids Nursing Station/EMS
Snow Lake EMS
Snow Lake Health Complex
Hope North Recovery, Thompson
Northern Spirit Manor
Thompson Community Health Services
Thompson General Hospital
Wabowden Health Centre
Leaf Rapids Health Centre
Lynn Lake EMS
Lynn Lake Hospital


2 Northern – West
Cranberry Portage EMS
Easterville EMS
Flin Flon EMS
Rosaire House
The Pas Community Health Program
The Pas EMS
The Pas Health Complex
Flin Flon General Hospital


3 Prairie Mountain Health – North
Medical Transport Coordination Centre (MTCC)
Birtle Health Centre
Dauphin Regional Health Centre
Rehab Centre for Children – Dauphin
Erickson Health Centre
Gilbert Plains Health Centre
Grandview Health Centre
Hamiota Health Centre
Kinosota EMS
Mafeking EMS
McCreary/Alonsa Health Centre
Minnedosa Health Centre
Neepawa Health Centre
Rivers Health Centre – PMH
Roblin District Health Centre – PMH
Rossburn District Health Centre
Russell Hospital
Shoal Lake/Strathclair Health Centre
Ste. Rose General Hospital
Swan Valley Health Centre
Waterhen EMS
Winnipegosis District Health Centre


4 Prairie Mountain Health – South
Boissevain Health Centre
Carberry Plains Health Centre
Deloraine Health Centre
Glenboro Health Centre
Tri-Lake Health Centre (Killarney)
Melita District Health Centre
Oak Lake EMS
Souris Health Centre
Tiger Hills Health Centre (Treherne)
Virden Hospital
Wawanesa Health Centre
Brandon Clinic
Brandon Regional Health Centre
CancerCare Manitoba – Brandon
Lab Scientists – Westman Lab
Rehab Centre for Children – Brandon
Sexuality Education Resource Centre-Brandon
Westman Lab


5 Southern
MacGregor EMS
Altona Health Centre
Carman Hospital
Rock Lake Hospital (Crystal City)
Elie EMS
Emerson Health Centre
Gladstone Health Centre
Île-des-Chênes EMS
Pembina Manitou Health Centre
Morris General Hospital
Notre Dame Health Centre
Oak Bluff EMS
Portage District General Hospital
Portage EMS (Southport)
Desalaberry District Health Centre (St Pierre)
Ste Anne Hospital
Bethesda Regional Health Centre (Steinbach)
Lorne Memorial Hospital (Swan Lake)
Swan Lake EMS
Vita & District Health Centre
Vita EMS
Boundary Trails Health Centre (Winkler)
Eden Mental Health Centre (Winkler)
St Claude Health Centre


6 Interlake-Eastern
Beausejour Hospital
Bissett EMS
Lac du Bonnet District Health Centre
Kin Place Primary Health Centre (Oakbank)
Pinawa Hospital
Pine Falls EMS
Pine Falls Hospital
Selkirk EMS
Selkirk Regional Health Centre
Whitemouth District Health Centre
Arborg & District Health Centre
Lakeshore Hospital (Ashern)
EM Crowe Memorial Hospital
Gimli Community Health Centre
Gypsumville EMS
Lundar PCH
Riverton EMS
St Laurent Community Health Centre
Stonewall & District Health Centre
Hunter Memorial Health Centre (Teulon)


7 Winnipeg – Northeast
West St Paul EMS
345 De Baets
Access Transcona
Bethania PCH
Concordia Hospital
Tissue Bank Manitoba
Access River East
80 Sutherland Ave
Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre
Access Downtown
Hip & Knee Resource Centre


8 Winnipeg – North
Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre (all sites)
Inkster Community Office
Nor’West Co-op
Seven Oaks Community Office
Seven Oaks General Hospital
Mount Carmel Clinic


9 Winnipeg – Notre Dame
Rehab Centre for Children – SSCY
SSCY – 1155 Notre Dame
Community Therapy Services


10 Winnipeg – West
Deer Lodge Centre
Grace Hospital
Occupational & Environment Health & Safety
OESH-Safe Pat Handle
St James-Assiniboia Community Office
Access Winnipeg West


11 WPG – Southeast
St. Boniface Hospital non-Diagnostics*
*All non-Diagnostics Allied Health Employees at St. Boniface Hospital
Centre de santé
1001 Corydon
Access St Boniface
Access St Vital
Breast Health Centre
Riverview Health Centre


12 WPG – South
St. Boniface Hospital Diagnostics (Laboratory, Cardiology, EEG, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Sonography)
Access Fort Garry
Pan Am Clinic
Victoria General Hospital
Southeast PCH
Long Term Care Access Centre


13 Winnipeg – Central 1
Centralized Services/496 Hargrave
Health Services on Elgin
Northern Connections Medical Centre
400 Logan Ave – PACT
Community Health & Social Services Centre 755 Portage Ave
Crisis Stabilization Unit
Klinic Inc.
Misericordia Health Centre
Nine Circles Community Health Centre
Sexuality Education Resource Centre
Winnipeg Clinic
Women’s Health Clinic


14 Winnipeg – Central 2
HSC Laboratory
HSC Pharmacy


15 Winnipeg – Central 3
HSC Diagnostics
(Cardiology, EEG, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Radiopharmacy, Sonography)
Adult Transport
Psych Health Centre (771 Bannatyne)
Canadian Blood Services
Children’s Hospital
Crisis Response Centre
Manitoba Clinic
Manitoba Possible


16 Winnipeg – Central 4
HSC Allied Health – General/Rehab*
* All other Allied Health employees at HSC General and Rehab facilities
Cancer Care Manitoba (CCMB)






Jason Linklater


Tanya Burnside


Matt Hollingshead


District 6 | Interlake-Eastern

Wayne Chacun


District 4 | Prairie Mountain Health – South

Kevin Chalus

District 1 | Northern – East

Lesa Nordick

District 2 | Northern West

Leann Oakley

District 3 | Prairie Mountain Health – North

Kirk Seniuk

District 5 | Southern

Karen Roth

District 8 – Winnipeg North

Margrét Thomas

District 9 – Winnipeg Notre Dame

Shayleen Goretzki

District 10 | Winnipeg – West

Shelagh Parken

District 12 | Winnipeg – South

Jasmine Masse

District 13 | Winnipeg – Central 1

Arlene Boychuk

District 14 | Winnipeg – Central

Jana-Leigh Povey

District 15 – Winnipeg Central 3

Shelley Kowalchuk

District 16 | Winnipeg – Central 4

Member Engagement Committee

Mission Statement:
The Member Engagement Committee, under the general direction of the Executive Council, promotes and facilitates communication between and within the Executive Council, the membership, and the public.

Governance Committee

Mission Statement:
The Governance Committee under the general direction of the Executive Council advises the Executive Council on Constitutional and Legislative matters.

Finance Committee

Mission Statement:
The Finance Committee, under the general direction of the Executive Council, shall provide a venue for the members to vote on issues and constitutional changes (AGM and/or General Meetings). Provide the financial framework for the Association, and give recommendations to the Executive Council on the limits of the Executive Director (Delegation).

Oversight Committee

Mission Statement:
The Oversight Committee, under the general direction of the Executive Council, reviews and considers and reports to the Executive Council on the effectiveness of the governance of  MAHCP.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee under the general direction of the Chair of the Governance Committee shall call and receive nominations that allow for the election of officers of MAHCP, oversee the election process, report the results to the general membership and provide for the nomination and election of Member Advocates.