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Inside MAHCP

Who We Are

The Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals (MAHCP) is a union of approximately 7000  members. MAHCP represents 85% of Allied Health Professionals in Manitoba, working in more than 160 disciplines in health care settings across the province. The union is governed by an Executive Council of elected members and led by President Jason Linklater.


Click here to view the current MAHCP Constitution.

If you would like a copy of the Constitution mailed to you, please contact the MAHCP office at 204-772-0425.


MAHCP – A brief history

On October 22, 1970, the founding meeting was held at the Winnipeg General Hospital of the Manitoba Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MAMLT); 74 members.

By 1975, membership had grown to 500 and the First Executive Director is hired – Lorne Renaul.

On June 12, 1975, we changed our name to The Manitoba Paramedical Association (MPA) to reflect our membership, which now  included Physiotherapists, Radiology Technologists, Respiratory Therapists, EKG Technologists and Technicians.

In 1985, the Association once again changed its name to better reflect its diverse membership to the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals (MAHCP). Member had grown to 948.

The Association continued to grow, attract new disciplines and occupations to its fold such as Medical Sonographers, Occupational Therapists and Pharmacists.

By 1995, the membership had grown to 1,300 in over 30 disciplines.

by 1997, representation rose to approximately 1,400 members in 33 professions, in 29 individual health care facilities.

By the year 2000, MAHCP membership had grown considerably to approximately 2,100 members in over 60 professions including audiologists, Dietitians, Case Coordinators, Resource Coordinators, Mental Health Workers, Pastoral/Spiritual Care Workers, Psychologists, Recreation Therapists and Social Workers in both the community and institutional settings.

Urban votes in 2002 increased membership to 3,400 members.

In October of 2005 at the AGM, the vote for a full-time President was carried.

In May 2018, the Manitoba government of Brian Pallister proclaimed Bill 29: The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act, which mandated the consolidation of bargaining units and led to union representation votes.

On Aug. 22, 2019, representation vote results were made public and MAHCP won both the Shared Health and WRHA Professional/Technical/Paramedical votes, significantly expanding our membership.

On April 1, 2022, health care professionals from Cadham Provincial Laboratory, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba and Selkirk Mental Health Centre expanded our membership further.

Currently, the Association represents over 7,000 health care employees in over 190 professions across the province.

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

MAHCP is a union of health care professionals dedicated to protecting, advocating for, and advancing the rights of its members through labour relations activities.

Vision Statement

  • Increase the awareness and recognition of MAHCP to members, public and government
  • Educate members about MAHCP
  • Grow as an organization

Values Statement

  • Recognizing and accepting diversity
  • Managing conflict with a positive support approach
  • Supporting a positive responsive environment
  • Behaving in a professional manner while defending the rights of members
  • Inclusive dialogue within the organization