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About Us

New Members

We welcome you to MAHCP!

The Executive Council of the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals would like to welcome you as a new member of our union.

You are now a member of a union solely dedicated to Allied Health Care Professionals – a union comprised of 3,900 members in more than 160 professions, all over Manitoba.

We are here to listen to and address your concerns because this is your union and your union needs your support and participation to make it successful!

Proud history

MAHCP has nearly 50 years of experience in representing and advocating for health care professionals in Manitoba. We have a unique perspective and work hard on behalf of our members.

MAHCP is also unique when it comes to bargaining, as we have a process for any member to directly submit a proposal for collective bargaining.

When it comes to Professional/Technical/Paramedical employees, MAHCP has led bargaining on many fronts, including the Grievance Investigation Process; the portability of employees’ seniority and benefits between MAHCP employers across the province; and first to negotiate Maternity Leave top-up for full-time and part-time members. Other unions followed our footsteps.

Links for our new MAHCP members

Your dues

Each member’s contribution of 1.25% of their salary goes towards the defence of our members’ rights in the workplace and the functioning of our union.

Annual General Meeting

Each fall, MAHCP holds its Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg, with satellite locations in Thompson, Flin Flon, Snow Lake and The Pas.  More satellite locations will be added to accommodate MAHCP’s newly expanded membership.  During the AGM, a Q&A session is held where any member can ask any question. More details on our 2019 AGM coming soon.