Election 2022

Election/Acclamation Information

Voting for District 1 has taken place from September 10 – 16, 2022. 

Directors that have been acclaimed to a 2 year term (2022-2024)

President Jason Linklater
District 1 Northern East Kevin Chalus
District 3, Prairie Mountain North Leann Oakley
District 6, Interlake Eastern Matthew Hollingshead
District 9, Winnipeg Notre Dame Margrèt Thomas
District 10, Winnipeg West Shayleen Goretzki
District 12, Winnipeg South Shelagh Parken
District 15, Winnipeg Central 3 Jana-Leigh Povey

Director that has been acclaimed to a 1 year term (2022-2023)

District 14, Winnipeg Central 2 Arlene Boychuk

Directors that have 1 year remaining (Term 2021-2023)

Vice President Tanya Burnside
District 2, Northern West Lesa Nordick
District 4, Prairie Mountain Health South Wayne Chacun
District 8, Winnipeg North Karen Roth
District 16, Winnipeg Central 4 Shelley Kowalchuk

Districts that are VACANT (these positions will be available for a 1 year term next year)

District 5, Southern
District 7, Winnipeg Northeast
District 11, Winnipeg Southeast
District 13, Winnipeg Central