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MAHCP Conquer-Oars improved with each race


We came, we saw, we conquered!

The MAHCP Conquer-Oars showed their stuff at the River City Dragon Boat races held on June 5 and 6. Our team had a mix of some experienced rowers and a lot of gung-ho neophytes, but we still managed to show what a bunch of health care workers can do when they put their minds (and backs) into it!

The Conquer-Oars had three races, and in each race we improved substantially; in our first race, we ended up in fourth place out of four racers (hey, we were still afloat!); we achieved third out of four in our second race (in pouring rain to boot); and finally were triumphant when we were second out of four in our final race!

While our team should be proud of our hard work (and excellent rowing times), the real success was raising funds for the Cancer Society. Thanks to all of our rowers, supporters and the excellent fund-raising effort. Paddles Up!

by Shelley Kowalchuk, Physiotherapy Director



The Conquer-Oars battled the elements as well as their competitors! Friday evening’s race was during a beautiful setting of the sun, but Saturday morning’s race was a soggy affair. By the afternoon on Saturday, the weather had settled somewhat down. (Pictures by Quinn Moroz and Bernice Pontanilla)


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