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Alsco Sales & Leasing

Alsco Sales & Leasing is owned and operated by Al Moffat and has been in the automotive industry since 1992. Our specialized service continues to provide our clients exactly what they ask for….a care free, relaxed, no pressure buying experience. If you don’t mind let’s take a moment and review how we can benefit you.

Alsco Sales & Leasing sells all makes and models, new and pre-owned, and provides all forms of financing available in the market place. This includes our Alsco lease programs, the major bank & credit union purchase financing options and all the manufacturer’s lease and finance programs.

We have access to an abundance of used units be it through one of the many dealerships we are associated with or through our affiliation with the Adesa Auction Group or more directly, one of our own off lease units. Whatever the case send us your wish list and we’ll go to work to find the ideal match. It is important to note that when a match is located we also have our wish list….where it’s from, accident history, cosmetic condition, mechanical condition to name a few. Once your wish list and our wish list tick all the boxes we’re ready to move on.

We know how valuable your time is and how short the day can be so our specialized service always includes the showing or dropping off of the unit at a location convenient to you, be it at home, your place of work or otherwise. And if it happens to be the perfect fit the delivery and closing can happen at the same location. Let us do the work so you can do yours!

Our years of experience has taught us several things but one very important thing stands out, we value our clients and our clients value our services. And because we’re independent of any manufacturer we are totally unbiased, no pressure! We don’t care what you drive as long as you’re happy with what you drive.  One final thing, for your piece of mind we offer extended warranty coverages, life and disability insurance and GAP insurance. We’ve got you covered!

We look forward to the opportunity to serve the MAHCP members. Please feel free to contact us any time.


Al Moffat

C:  204-941-0649
P:  204-896-0182
F:  204-885-5703
E: maverick1@shaw.ca