Visions Electronics

Visions is not able to have a set discount rate, but we offer our corporate rate on all products which is stated below.

Pricing grid

  • Video – comm. cost plus 4%
  • Home Audio components comm. cost plus 5%
  • Home Audio speakers comm. cost plus 15%
  • Car Audio head units comm., cost plus 9%
  • Car audio components, amps, spkrs comm cost plus 19%
  • Kiosk – digital cameras, video cameras, comm. cost plus 4%
  • Kiosk Audio – comm. cost plus 9% (I pods at comm. cost plus 1%)
  • All 50 point accessories – 20% off retail price

Please contact the store manager directly and CC the District Sales Manager for all requests prior to purchase.

St. James Location – – Attention Kelly Armstrong
Pembina Location – – Attention Sean Swar
Regent Location – – Attention Aaron Chodirker

Copy all requests – – Attention Kelly Armstrong

Thanks for thinking of us for your program!

Kelly Armstrong
District Sales Manager – Winnipeg Market