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2016 MAHCP Presidential Election


MAHCP would like to announce that there will be an election for President in 2016. The Nominations Committee is currently finalizing plans for holding this election.  Please watch your mailbox for important information from all of the candidates and voting instructions which will be delivered soon via regular mail.

Due to a potential postal interruption in the near future, we are planning on relying once again on an electronic ballot in addition to our regular mail-in ballot system, much the same as we have done for our recent Central Table Ratification votes. If you have not updated your personal email address, please do so by contacting info@mahcp.ca as soon as possible.  Electronic voting credentials and election materials will not be provided to any email address that belongs to the Employer so it is critical that personal emails are current.  If you have been receiving newsletters, updates from the President, etc., then we have your current email address and nothing further needs to be done.

Thank you.


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