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Allied Health Care Professionals Week starts May 10!

Manitoba’s second annual Allied Health Care Professionals Recognition Week starts this Sunday, May 10, and runs until the 16, and although we cannot change anything COVID-related, we still wanted to give members something fun that may take their minds off the current situation – even just for a moment.

Here is a quick recap on the activities we have planned:

First, we proudly present our ‘MAHCP Health Care Heroes’ initiative.

Do you know of an MAHCP member who you feel has gone above and beyond during the COVID pandemic to help the public or their fellow staff? If so, please nominate them for the ‘MAHCP Health Care Heroes’! To do this, please send an email to communications@mahcp.ca with the subject line ‘Health Care Heroes,’ the name and worksite of the person you’re nominating and a paragraph (100-words maximum) as to why you’re nominating them. Please send your nominations to us by Friday, May 15, at 4 p.m.

Second, we have a couple contests for all members that will run next week, Monday to Friday, May 11 to 15. Everyone who participates will be entered into the final draws for these two contests. They are:

Our ‘Caption This’ contest:

Each day on our MAHCP Facebook page, we’ll be sharing a fun photo from the past year for you to caption. Please remember to keep the captions fun and light-hearted. You can write a caption below the picture’s post or send us your caption privately at mahcpcontest@mahcp.ca

Our ‘MAHCP Trivia’ contest:

Each day on our Facebook page, we’ll be sharing one MAHCP Trivia question for you to answer by sending us an email to mahcpcontest@mahcp.ca

Please note: you do not have to be a member of Facebook to see the ‘Caption This’ and ‘MAHCP Trivia’ contests. Our FB page is public, so you can get to it by Googling ‘MAHCP Facebook’ or by visiting our website www.mahcp.ca, where all of our posts are listed. Send your entries to mahcpcontest@mahcp.ca

Finally, we have the MAHCP Grand Prizes draw, which is a gift card draw for the entire membership. This means all members are automatically entered for this draw. There will be 10 prizes: two prizes of $500, four prizes of $250 and four prizes of $100. We were hoping to share a live video of the draw, however, with the physical distancing rules still in place, we will instead be announcing the winners the afternoon of Thursday, May 14, which is Allied Health Care Professionals Recognition Day, on Facebook and the MAHCP website.

We hope these activities during Allied Health Care Professionals Recognition Week help to provide some much-needed fun during these trying times. The spotlight is on you, our members! Feel free to send any questions to communications@mahcp.ca

Thank you,

Victoria Fabris

Chair of the MAHCP Communication Committee


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