MAHCP Special Meeting on January 26

MAHCP’s Special Meeting on January 26 at 6 p.m. is fast approaching and we look forward to having members join us!

At this important online meeting, members will debate and vote on a proposed change to MAHCP’s Constitution that would reshape our Executive Council from the current profession-based model to one based on “Districts.” The proposed change is intended to update MAHCP’s governance model to better reflect and represent our diverse membership.

It’s very important that members attend and participate in this important vote. The proposed constitutional change is the only item on the agenda and requires a two-thirds majority vote at a special meeting to come into effect.

If you haven’t registered yet, please do so today at note that the registration deadline is 4 p.m. on Thursday, January 21, 2021. You don’t want to miss out on your chance to have a voice at this important meeting.

If you have already registered, thank you! Please note that you will NOT receive the meeting link and login credentials until the day prior to the event, so be sure to check your email on January 25.

For more details and background on the proposed constitutional change, follow this link:

We want you to attend and have all the information you need to make an informed decision, so if you have further questions about the meeting or the proposed change, please contact today.

Please note: if you haven’t signed and submitted an MAHCP member application card, you won’t be able to participate in the special meeting and vote on these important changes, so please do so ASAP by contacting the MAHCP office at or 204-772-0425. If you’re not sure if we have a signed card on file, we can check for you.

We look forward to seeing you on January 26 at 6 p.m.!

In solidarity,

Your MAHCP team

December 2020 MAHCP Newsletter

The December 2020 edition of the MAHCP Newsletter is now available, which features a message from President Bob Moroz, information on an upcoming Special Meeting, our Vice President’s report and an article on our current awareness campaign that has been hitting the airwaves.

You’ll see that this edition of the newsletter has an entirely new and modern look, this is the second edition with this look, which was a project that we spent the summer of 2020 working on. Enjoy!

MAHCP welcomes Tania Wiebe to LRO team

MAHCP is very proud to announce the addition of Tania Wiebe to our Labour Relations team!

Wiebe has worked in community health in various capacities since 2002, including over 10 years as a program coordinator at Nine Circles Community Health Centre and seven years as a board member of Sexuality Education Resource Centre.

Her work at these centres was focused on HIV/STBBI prevention and education, healthy sexuality, and harm reduction. During her time as a program coordinator, Wiebe was a member of her workplace Labour Management Committee and also a Shop Steward (similar to Member Advocate for MAHCP).

She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Certificate in Public Policy and Administration, both from the University of Winnipeg.

In her spare time, Wiebe enjoys listening to music, watching and reading a fair bit of news, and running when it’s not winter.

MAHCP celebrate MRT Week 2020!

November 8 to 14 is Medical Radiation Technology Week and we salute all of our MAHCP members in this field. Thank you!

Medical radiation technologists (MRTs) work within four disciplines: radiological technology, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy or magnetic resonance imaging.

This year, the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists is using MRT Week as the springboard for a new national awareness campaign. You can help AMPLIFY and EXPAND the reach of this campaign by helping us to SHARE this material online via this link.

For more information, also please visit the Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists website.

MAHCP mourns with CUPE on death of health care aide

MAHCP statement on health care worker death related to Victoria General Hospital outbreak:

Today, we learned the devastating news that a fellow health care worker, a member of CUPE, has died related to the COVID-19 outbreak at Victoria General Hospital.

First and foremost, I’d like to convey our deepest condolences on behalf of MAHCP to the family and friends of this Manitoban, as well as to the entire CUPE family in our province and across Canada.

While we may work in different parts of the health care system, we are all health care and we all care about each other, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic that has become so deadly in our province.

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our CUPE colleagues and all health care unions in our call for the immediate implementation of increased health and safety measures that will keep all health care workers safe across the entire system.

Not one more death will we accept. Not one more death.

In Solidarity,

Bob Moroz

MAHCP President

MAHCP letter to Health Minister: Take immediate steps now

Message to MAHCP members:

The news of late has been increasingly alarming for MAHCP members and everyone in health care.  This weekend it got worse, with a nightmare scenario unfolding at Maples Long Term Care Home involving multiple patient deaths.  This is the scenario we have all been fearing, signs of a system that is breaking down.  And today, we learned that a Health Care Aide, a CUPE member, who contracted COVID-19 due to the Victoria General Hospital outbreak, has died.  Words can’t express our collective sorrow at these developments.  Our hearts and thoughts are with the families affected, including the entire staff at Victoria General Hospital who are mourning today.

At MAHCP, we continue to focus on protecting our members.  There can be little doubt that the dire situation our members and all Manitobans are currently facing is due in very large part to inaction on the part of Manitoba government officials.  MAHCP has repeatedly called for more to be done to ensure adequate staffing, PPE and other measures so that our members are protected and supported.

Today, I once again called on Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen to take urgent action.  You can read the open letter here.  At the same time, we continue to pursue these issues through grievances and other labour relations tools, and I highlight them in the media wherever possible to focus the attention of government and the public on these urgent issues.

It is clear that current PPE protocols are not adequate to protect our members.  It is clear that the level of community spread we are seeing has rendered green, orange and red zones in health care facilities all but meaningless.  It is clear that current staffing levels are inadequate to ensure both employee and patient safety.  And it is clear that the time government decision makers and health care officials had over the summer to prepare for this moment was squandered.

MAHCP members work for many different employers and many different settings, so if these dire circumstances don’t apply to you, that’s great.  However, we know that the vast majority of our members are increasingly fearful, frustrated, exhausted and angry.  I want to remind you that social media posts are monitored by the Employer and that public statements of any kind can put you at risk of disciplinary action.  We strongly recommend that individual members exercise discretion and not publicly share any information that can lead back to you.

Instead, I want you to share your stories and your frustrations with your Labour Relations Officer or with me directly, as so many of you have already done.  We will continue to take your issues forward and demand action, but we will do so in a way that ensures you are protected from any potential reprisal.

Please stay safe and reach out to us for help.

In solidarity,

Bob Moroz, MAHCP President


Congratulations to the MAHCP AGM Prize Draw Winners!

We would like to thank all those MAHCP members who attended yesterday’s MAHCP AGM, our first virtual AGM!

And now we’d like to announce the winners of the MAHCP AGM Prizes, they were selected by random number generator and list is below. CONGRATULATIONS!

There will be another chance for attendees to win a prize, as an evaluation survey will be sent out next week and those who answer it will be entered.

Also, a big thank you to our prize donors and providers: Canad Inns, Corus Entertainment, Electric Impression, Maloway & Eliason Insurance Agencies and Travel Center Ltd. and Visions on Regent Avenue in Winnipeg.

Note to the winners: we will be getting in touch with you over the next week or two for how best to get you your prizes, due to the new restrictions being implemented. On Monday, Nov. 2, level red is coming for the Winnipeg Metropolitan area and level orange for the rest of Manitoba (that wasn’t orange already).


  1. TWS Wireless Mini Earphones – Sylvie Berard
  2. TWS Wireless Mini Earphones – Glen Espino
  3. TWS Wireless Mini Earphones – Jane Bugeja
  4. Elink Dashcam with Night Vision – Graham Brown
  5. Elink Dashcam with Night Vision – Cathy Langit
  6. Canad Inns $25.00 gift card – Kim Baessler
  7. RCS Insurance Gift basket – Sonia Wolfe
  8. Cobra Wasp 4K Sports Action Camera – Julie Brown
  9. Cobra Wasp 4K Sports Action Camera – Leanne Janzen
  10. Amazfit Arc Activity & HR Fitness – Ashlee Lagimodiere
  11. Maloway & Eliason Ins. Queen Size Comforter Set – Phil Dao
  12. Frigidaire 1.7 Litre Digital Air Fryer – Matthew Jasper
  13. Ecoxgear Refurb Slate Grey – Joelle Brown
  14. Ecoxgear Refurb Slate Grey – Margret Thomas
  15. AMAZON Firestick TV Streaming Device – Susana Hernandez
  16. AMAZON Firestick TV Streaming Device – Alan Stern
  17. AMAZON Firestick TV Streaming Device – Janelle Sylvester
  18. AMAZON Firestick TV Streaming Device – Colette Klym
  19. Frigidaire Retro Style Popcorn – Hazel Abril
  20. Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer Oven – Wayne Chacun
  21. $100.00 Pre-paid Master Card – Michael David
  22. $100.00 Pre-paid Master Card – Jill Woods
  23. $100.00 Pre-paid Master Card – Jena Teopaco
  24. $100.00 Pre-paid Master Card – Sharleen Barker
  25. $100.00 Pre-paid Master Card – Tracy Furst
  26. $100.00 Pre-paid Master Card – Linda Gray
  27. $100.00 Pre-paid Visa Card – Kim Rempel
  28. $100.00 Pre-paid Visa Card – Bill Gibb
  29. $100.00 Pre-paid Visa Card – Sherri Pinkerton
  30. $100.00 Pre-paid Visa Card – Fawn Bouskill
  31. Soundstage Bluetooth 5.0 True – Shayleen Goretzki
  32. Hisense 32” 720P Roku LED TV – Dustin Czmola
  33. Soundstage Bluetooth/Active-Noise – Bernard Cox
  34. Klipsch Soundbar & Wireless Sub – Jaime Pfeiffer
  35. Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin Cordless Vacuum – Shannon Bittner
  36. Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin Cordless Vacuum – Maria Gabriel
  37. Hisense 50” 4K UHD Android Smart LED TV – Barbara Kenton
  38. Hisense 50” 4K UHD Android Smart LED TV – Christopher Dupont

Join us in celebrating RT Week, Oct. 24-30, 2020!

The importance of Respiratory Therapists has been highlighted in Manitoba this week, which is actually Respiratory Therapy Week across Canada.

At MAHCP, we salute our members in this field, thank you for your dedication!

The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists proclaims the last week in October as Respiratory Therapy Week in Canada, to celebrate the respiratory therapy profession and the outstanding dedication and passion of RTs.

For more information on RTs, please see click here.


MAHCP hosting virtual AGM on Oct. 29, 2020

Join us for the inaugural MAHCP virtual AGM, taking place the evening of Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020.

We are proud to be celebrating 50 years of service and have a full agenda, including updates on union business and some great door prizes.

To register, please visit

Important Note: All members are eligible to attend the meeting. However, to vote you must have a signed membership card. If you are not sure if you have one on file, or need to get one, please contact: or call 1.800.315.3331