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Coming soon: 2016 MAHCP Presidential Election final results


The final result for the 2016 MAHCP Presidential Election is coming very soon.

The paper ballots – placed in a sealed container – are currently with an accounting firm.

This firm will be providing a final number either today, Sept. 20, or, at the latest, tomorrow, Sept. 21.

Once that number is in, the Nominations Committee will tally it up with the E-vote result, inform the candidates and then let MAHCP members, board and staff know via email, mahcp.ca website and MAHCP Facebook page.

As a quick reminder, there were three candidates running for president, listed below by order of last name:

  • Janet Fairbairn
  • Shelley Kowalchuk
  • Bob Moroz

If you have any questions on the 2016 MAHCP Presidential Election, please feel free to email mahcppresidentialdebate2016@gmail.com

Thank you all so much,

James Stevenson

Chair, Nominations Committee



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