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MAHCP provides the Facts!


November 5, 2012
MAHCP provides the Facts!

MGEU recently posted a message which included a defamatory statement regarding an MAHCP Labour Relations Officer as well as announcing that MGEU won’t sit out front of EMS stations any longer.

MAHCP prides itself in providing our membership with nothing less than the facts and this time is no different.

During a recent snowfall in southwestern Manitoba an MAHCP Labour Relations Officer witnessed an accident.

This person was the first person on scene.

He Called 911.

He spoke with the RCMP and remained on site until EMS and RCMP arrived.

The LRO assisted the accident victims until EMS arrived and remained on scene until the RCMP arrived as directed by the Sandy Bay Fire Chief.

After the team arrived to assist the victims, the RCMP spoke with the LRO who was cleared to leave.  In response to a request from one of the four paramedics at the scene, the LRO provided EMS notepads and an information package about MAHCP.

It is with pride that MAHCP provides you with the facts about this situation and commends the LRO for stopping, and assisting the victims of the accident until professional help could arrive.

As most are aware often EMS workers are not provided the time to attend representational vote meetings due to the nature of their profession and the hours they work. The suggestion that the MAHCP puts the representation votes before the safety of anyone is preposterous and quite frankly shameful.

MAHCP supports the LRO’s decision to provide paramedic notepads and material as requested by the worker, as this LRO knows first-hand how difficult it is for EMS workers to have time in their day to make it back to sites for scheduled meetings when accidents can happen at any time and they will be called away. This shouldn’t deny the worker their right to information.

MAHCP will continue to provide the facts and campaign reference material to workers so all workers are informed of their right to choose a union that is here for them, whether in an office, or off site we will meet the needs of a workers’ request.



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