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Q&A with Evelyn Hoogerdijk, Quality Assurance

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Personalities & Profiles: Paramedic Edition, in honour of 2024 Paramedic Week in Manitoba.

Meet Evelyn, a 5th Dan black belt in taekwondo, who answered five quick questions for us.

QUESTION 1: How long have you been a paramedic and where do you work? 

I am an in scope paramedic, working since January 2011.  I currently work out of the ERS Clinical department, Portage la Prairie, in Quality Assurance, and have been in this position for seven years.

QUESTION 2: What attracted you to the career? 

I was attracted to Paramedicine later in my life after being in the workforce for 20 years. I felt that I could make a difference in this career. Later, my move to Quality Assurance was because I have a passion for good patient care.

QUESTION 3: What would be your advice/counsel to someone considering a career as a paramedic? 

You will never be bored – every day is different from the last. You’re making a good decision. Maintain your training, your mental health, and don’t ever lose your empathy.

QUESTION 4: What keeps you going, even though we know this is an extremely difficult role? 

Every patient care report I audit contains a history of a patient who is precious to someone out there. Maintaining standards for quality patient care is a huge responsibility, and I try to do this with integrity and respect. When times get difficult, I seek out good coping strategies and maintain my mental health to deal with the vicarious trauma that exists with what I read and audit.

QUESTION 5: Anything you want to share about your life outside of work – hobbies, sports, family, travel, awards, etc?

Anyone who has seen my office knows that I am into all aspects of horticulture.  I am also a taekwondo instructor (Evelyn runs her own dojang out of Carman, and another one out of Portage la Prairie), and I love spending time with my family.


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