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Representation votes are complete, now what?

MAHCP provides answers

In the wake of last week’s representation votes, MAHCP is receiving many questions from both current and new, incoming members.  Thank you for your interest and engagement!

To help you better understand what’s next, we have created the following FAQ.  More questions and answers will be added as we know more, so please check back often.  If you don’t see an answer to your question, please email us at info@mahcp.ca and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

In addition, MAHCP President Bob Moroz will provide ongoing updates once we have received the official list of new MAHCP members and contact information from the Commissioner/Employer.

For those who will be joining MAHCP as a result of the votes, welcome!  Our goal is to make the transition to your new union as smooth as possible.  We will continue to work in solidarity with our fellow unions toward this goal.

Now that representation votes are done, does MAHCP represent me immediately?

No, not until the Commissioner issues new bargaining unit certificates, which we are expecting sometime toward the middle to end of September 2019.

What happens in the meantime?

In the meantime, you continue to be represented by the same union that you had before the vote. You will continue to pay dues to that union and be represented by them until new certificates are issued.

Once the new certificates are issued to the successful unions for each sector and employer group, then you will begin paying dues and being represented by that new union.  If you are included in the Professional/Technical/Paramedical Sector in the new Shared Health or WRHA bargaining units, you will be an MAHCP member effective immediately once the new certificates are issued.

What about my collective bargaining agreement?

You will continue to be covered by your current collective bargaining agreement even after MAHCP becomes your union.  You will keep your current agreement, and MAHCP will protect your rights and benefits under that agreement, until a new one is negotiated and ratified by the membership.

When will negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement begin?

This remains unknown, but once the new bargaining unit certificates are issued, MAHCP will be lobbying the Provincial Government to get back to the negotiating table for our sector as soon as possible.

What about bargaining proposals?

MAHCP was well into our bargaining process for a new agreement when the Manitoba Government passed Bill 29, The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act.  Bargaining has been on hold for over two years because of Bill 29 and much has changed in that time.

Once the new certificates have been issued in the coming weeks, MAHCP will be tapping all our members, both current and new, for your input on new bargaining proposals.  MAHCP will also review bargaining proposals that were submitted two years ago to see which ones still apply and can be carried forward.

What are “receiving agreements”?

“Receiving agreement” is a term used in Bill 29 and refers to the collective agreement that will form the basis of negotiations with the Provincial Government once we get back to the table.  The receiving agreement, determined by the Bill 29 Commissioner, will be the agreement of the successful union that covers the largest number of members within the new bargaining unit.

The Commissioner has determined receiving agreements for the Professional/Technical/Paramedical (PTP) Sectors that MAHCP will represent as follows:

–  Shared Health PTP Sector: MAHCP Health Sciences Centre Agreement.  Available in web and pdf on our website: https://mahcp.ca/member-services/collective-agreements/health-sciences-centre-2014-2018/

– WRHA PTP Sector: MAHCP St. Boniface Agreement.  Available here: https://mahcp.ca/member-services/collective-agreements/st-boniface-hospital-2014-18/

– NRHA PTP Sector: MAHCP NRHA Agreement.  Available here: https://mahcp.ca/member-services/collective-agreements/northern-regional-health-authority-2014-18/

 I will be new to MAHCP, how do I find out more about my new union?

Please visit www.mahcp.ca to learn more about MAHCP, our structure, our service model, our Constitution and our collective agreements.  Feel free to email info@mahcp.ca with additional questions, or contact us by phone at 204-772-0425 or toll free at 1-800-315-3331.

In addition, MAHCP President Bob Moroz and staff will be hitting the road as soon as possible once certificates are issued to meet our new members and to introduce MAHCP.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Please continue to contact your current union for any labour relations matters until such time as new bargaining unit certificates are issued by the Commissioner.


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