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Well-Being Contest Winners

I enjoyed the contest and had fun trying a couple of new things that I wouldn’t have normally if not “encouraged”!  Joanne Procyshyn, MLT

Hi there, thanks for putting this activity together – it was a nice distraction from everything going on in Health Care at the moment!  Chloe Nguyen,Occupational Therapist

I enjoyed this challenge very much as it highlighted all the little ways that I have been caring for myself. Thank you for the opportunity. Be well, France Rama, MLT Microbiology

Thanks for reminding us on all the things we can do for improving our mental health.  Sandy Santos, Occupational Therapist

I say thank you a lot, because it is nice to hear…grocery clerks, the person who gave me my vaccination, (that is really my small world), friends and family. I wanted to say THANK YOU for this Wellness calendar and for supporting us during this time. It has been fun!  Cynthia Otfinowski, Staff Physiotherapist

Pina Mandzik

Stacey Schmitz

Kirby Boss

Hua Yan

Nathan Poysti

Nick Nutbean

Lorena Sanderson

Janice Quennelle

Michelle Hryshko

Nancy Raichura

Stefanie Vandel

Jenna Janzen

Lesa Nordick

Jamie Conde

Michelle Poff

Brendan McDonald

Kim Hamilton

Amina Khizar

Shauna Fay

Michele Riel

Harley Smith

Craig Snell

Liesl Puentespina

Michael Gunderson

Heather Dong

Devann Dudeck

Shelley Kowalchuk

Karen Roth


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