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Bargaining Updates

Allied Health Care professionals throughout Manitoba already benefit from MAHCP’s leadership at the bargaining table – we are the experts for our sector and have led bargaining on many fronts.

We moved most of the information and updates on bargaining to our member portal.

Central Table

We are currently in contract negotiations for over 6,500 MAHCP members bargained at the “central table” – which includes Shared Health/WRHA bargaining units and NRHA, currently spread across 46 separate collective agreements.

Please check out the Bargaining Update section or our most current newsletter.

Additionally, we also have a Central Table Bargaining FAQ that has information regarding commonly asked questions. You may also find this Central Table Bargaining Flow Chart helpful.

MAHCP Central Table Bargaining Committee

Tanya Burnside, VPThompson Community HealthPrimary Care Connector
Wayne Chacun, ChairVirden EMSParamedic
Suzanne GarbuttAccess Fort GarryCommunity Mental Health
Shayleen GoretzkiGrace HospitalSonographer
Tanis HaresHealth Sciences CentreRespiratory Therapist
Jason LinklaterHealth Sciences CentreOrthopedic Technologist
Shona LitkeBeausejour Health CentreMedical Laboratory/Radiation Technologist
Lori MarlowThe Pas Community Health Restorative Care Coordinator
Janelle MorissetteHealth Sciences CentreCytotechnologist
Conrad PadillaKlinic Community HealthCounsellor
Andrea PollockAccess River EastHome Care Case Coordinator
Jana-Leigh PoveyHealth Sciences CentreNuclear Medicine Technologist
Christina TaitleyVictoria General HospitalPharmacy Assistant

The Bargaining Committee also includes the following staff from MAHCP:
Keely Richmond, Lead Negotiator and Executive Director
Cheryl Beal, Lead Labour Relations Officer
Cory Szczepanski, Labour Relations Officer
Rebecca Clifton, Labour Relations Officer
Administrative support provided by Cathy Langit

Non-Central Table

Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre

The 2018-2022 agreement has been ratified and is available here.

Brandon Clinic

The 2017-2019 agreement is available here.

Canadian Blood Services

Currently in bargaining.


The 2022-2026 current agreement is available here.

Jocelyn House

The 2022-2026 current agreement is available here.

Manitoba Clinic

The 2017-2019 agreement has been ratified and is available here.

Manitoba Possible

The 2019-2023 agreement has been ratified and is available here.

Winnipeg Clinic

Currently in bargaining.

Bargaining Updates

Central Table

All future bargaining updates and emails will now be found on the MAHCP MEMBER PORTAL located here.
If you have never logged in, please enter the email you provided MAHCP and click ‘forgot password’ for a reset email.

DateTitlePDF location
March 2023Central Table Bargaining Update #7Download
December 24, 202Central Table Bargaining Update #6Download
September 16, 2022Central Table Bargaining Update #5Download
September 2022Central Table Bargaining Update #4Download
May 2022Central Table Bargaining Update #3Download
January 2022Central Table Bargaining Update #2Download PDF for desktop 
January 2022Central Table Bargaining Update #2Download PDF for mobile
Spring 2021Spring Update 2021Download
June 2020Bargaining Update #1Download


DateTitlePDF location
Sept 22, 2022Bargaining Update – September 22nd, 2022Download
Sept 20, 2022Bargaining Update – September 20th, 2022Download
Sept 15, 2022Bargaining Update – September 15th, 2022Download
Sept 1, 2022Bargaining Update – September 1st, 2022Download