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Health Accord Rallies in Winnipeg


We know how important Medicare is, as providers and consumers of health care. However, 14 months ago, Steven Harper announced that the current Health Care Accord would not be renewed in 2014, and that the federal government would not continue to set national standards of care.

Dropping the Health Accord would lead to a decrease in funding and give the province more direct control of how money in health care is spent. Sounds good at first glance – but it would allow provinces to fund health care as they see fit, leading to different coverage for Canadians in each province. It’s another way to undermine Medicare by continuing to under-fund a system Canadians hold dear.

The Council of Canadians and interested local unions are sponsoring two rallies to support the Health Accord and we need your help! Come out and show your support for Medicare on Monday, March 31st at 4:30! The locations are:

  1. MP Lawrence Toet’s constituency office at 127 Regent Avenue West (campaign flyer)
  2. MP Steven Fletcher’s constituency office at 3111 Portage Avenue, Unit A (campaign flyer)

Join other Manitobans on Monday and show your support. We hope to see you there!

Shelley Kowalchuk, Chair, Social Action Committee

Bob Moroz, President



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