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MAHCP Digital Scavenger Hunt for MAHCP Members

Alone or with family, this week is about fun. Put on your thinking caps and show us how it’s done!
Creativity, natural talent and even some flair, how far will you go to show us your “somewhere”.
Marks will be tallied, bonus points apply too, put your all into this and you might win it. It’s true!
So, gather your family, that includes the cat too, nobody gets left behind, that just would not do.

Please read directions carefully.
  • You must be in all of your pictures for the picture to count.
  • Contest runs Monday, May 10 – Sunday, May 16, 2021.
  • All photo entries must be submitted before 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 16, 2021. 
      • You must include your name and the location of where you work.
      • All photos are to be emailed to mahcpcontest@mahcp.ca.
  • You must follow all public health guidelines at the time of this contest during this pandemic. Pictures entered violating any of the restrictions will not count as an entry.
  • You get points for each task you complete and submit that include you in the photo.
  • Bonus points are added for creativity.
The Tasks

1. Spring is in the air, summer isn’t far away… Create a summer Oasis (with your favorite fancy drink, too) in your home or yard and take a picture or two! We can’t travel, so a far away destination for a theme might get you bonus points too. You must be in your picture you submit.

2. Ride, Walk, Run or Glide, show us how you move your hide! You must be in your picture you submit.

3. Solidarity, together, one strong voice, I’m one. Using items from around your home, draw us a picture, sculpt a sculpture or make a craft showing us what you do in your job.Bonus points if we can actually figure out what you do for your job from your masterpiece. Pose with your masterpiece, you must be in your picture.

4. Cooking here, cooking there, I can cook most anywhere! Cook up a healthy snack, or meal, share the recipe and take a picture of yourself with the finished product. Hint: colour, plating, presentation and unique location of where you did your cooking are where the bonus points are…

5. OHHHMMMMM… show us your inner vibe, get off that stressful ride! Paint it, yoga, gardening too, take a picture of Zenful you! You must be in your picture you submit.

6. People near, people far, 6-feet back and meet no more. Show us how you keep in touch with someone dear. You must be in the picture you submit!

7. Build it, make it, try not to break it! Using items around your home build the tallest tower you can. Take a picture of yourself with a tape measure to prove the height of your tower. You must be in your picture you submit.

8. Bargaining, arbitration, and collective agreements to name just a few, this place is the place that represents you. Bonus points if you dress up like our mascot! You must be in the picture you submit.

9. With a buck-buck here and a buck-buck there, here a buck, there a buck, every member saves a buck-buck. Using supplies around your home, draw a picture of 5 places where you – as a member of MAHCP – can save a buck. Hint: Discount Program. Pose with your masterpiece.

10. Using items around your home, build a bird feeder. Hang it somewhere outside and pose with the finished product. Bonus points if your bird feeder has birdseed in it, a theme and name. Double bonus points if a bird lands to eat at it. You must be in your picture you submit.

You did it, you’re finished the hunt. Thanks for joining the fun!

The Member Engagement Committee worked hard to put together some fun events that all our members across Manitoba can participate in and enjoy!




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