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MAHCP President continues to push for Labour Adjustment Strategy


Today, MAHCP representatives met with the Provincial Health Labour Relations Services (PHLRS.) The purpose of this meeting was to begin procedural discussions regarding impacts of the WRHA announced changes on our members. The PHRLS is the body responsible for all labour relations matters within Manitoba’s Health system.
We were expecting to be provided with specific information that would allow us to understand the Labour Adjustment Strategy (number of positions affected and/or deleted, vacancy opportunities, etc.) However, no details were provided which resulted in a conceptual discussion around how we can best minimize the impact on members as these changes are rolled out.
There is another meeting being scheduled where we have been told that this information will be available to us. Without this specific level of information, it is not possible for us to meaningfully discuss what processes would look like.
I am aware that specific individuals have been informally notified by managers that their positions will be deleted because of these changes. Please feel free to email me or your Labour Relations Officer if you have had this conversation with your manager.
Once we have the details regarding the actual staffing impacts, we will be arranging member meetings where we can discuss these changes and how MAHCP will continue to ensure your employment rights are being respected.
More information will be shared early next week as we receive a clearer picture of the entire situation.
In the meantime, MAHCP will continue to publicly demand answers from government about how privatizing outpatient services and causing chaos within the system benefits Manitobans.

In Solidarity,
Bob Moroz
MAHCP President


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