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MAHCP President says no to re-opening collective agreements


Dear members of MAHCP,

This update is in response to the recent statements to the media by the Provincial Government.

On Monday, it was widely reported that the Premier has stated that it is his desire to speak with public sector unions to open existing collective agreements to look for savings. MAHCP strongly objects to this very public tactic and has no interest in opening any of our agreements that took more than two years to bargain. I have not been contacted by the Premier as of today, in this regard.

All terms and conditions of employment contained in our collective agreements have been hard fought and we have no intention of freely giving back any of our gains. Many of our members continue to be among the lowest paid across Canada and looking to reduce that wage does not indicate that we have the respect of this government. To reduce our contributions to cost is an insult to each of us and completely ignores the value of our dedication to our work and the people of Manitoba.

In the coming days, I will be meeting with labour leaders from across the province to work together on a united front to fend off these attacks on our membership, who provide critical public services.

It is at times such as these that we as union members must work together to make our voices heard. I am asking each of you to stand behind your union representatives and provide us with the strength and support that we require to continue to counter these attacks on our rights.


In Solidarity,

Bob Moroz

MAHCP President




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