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Message from the President

Dear MAHCP members,

The results are in and all certificates with the exception of WRHA Corporate Programs have ratified the offer presented to Central Table members by the Provincial Government on January 29, 2016.

We will be in contact with the WRHA Corporate Programs group to determine what their issues are and what the best course of action to address those concerns will be. Following that, we will be returning to discussions with the employer.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who contributed countless hours and frustrations in the process, first and foremost the bargaining committee, which had to fight through many setbacks, the Strike Readiness Committee for all of their efforts, our staff who have supported us throughout this whole process, and those of you who volunteered to be strike captains.

It is my hope that throughout this process that you have felt that you have been provided with as much information as possible to allow you to cast an informed ballot. I truly appreciate the countless emails and conversations I have had where members were able to let us know in detail what their concerns were.

No matter how you voted, or your own reasons for that vote, please know that we heard everything you said to us and we will continue to work towards increasing the visibility of our Professionals in the eyes of Manitobans.

In Solidarity,
Bob Moroz
MAHCP President



Certificates that have accepted the Provincial government’s offer:

Breast Health Clerical
CancerCare Manitoba (all certificates)
Community Therapy Services
Concordia Hospital
Deer Lodge Centre
Diagnostic Services of Manitoba
Health Sciences Centre
Misericordia Health Centre
Northern Region
Rehabilitation Centre for Children
Seven Oaks General Hospital
St. Boniface Hospital
Victoria General Hospital
WRHA – Pharmacy Program

Certificates that have NOT accepted the Provincial government’s offer:

WRHA – Corporate Program


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