President’s update on Central Table collective agreements, Standardization Fund and more


Dear MAHCP member,

This is a quick update with information related to our Central Table bargaining, following my last update in August.

First, the new Collective Agreements for all Central Table are now posted on our website ( We have proofed and signed the agreements on our end and when they are returned from the employers with signatures, we will replace the posted documents with the final versions. Nothing will change other than the signatures being added at that time.

Although we have been working at getting our Standardization Fund and Recruitment and Retention Fund laid out in a format that we can put in front of a committee, we are not quite there yet. Our plan remains to have this completed as soon as possible and we have a number of dates arranged with the Provincial Health Labour Relations Services (formerly the Labour Relations Secretariat) in the coming weeks.

In response to some of the questions that I’ve recently been asked, I’d like to remind members of the following:

  • These funds are to be used to increase the wage of members who are part of the named groups.
  • The Employer is not able to unilaterally remove any group from consideration.
  • Finally, the fund has been agreed to in the settlement and will be distributed, despite the reality that it is taking more time than we would have preferred.

You will continue to receive updates from me as new information becomes available. Our goal remains to have this completed as soon as possible.


In Solidarity,

Bob Moroz, President