President’s update on LRO portfolios, Standardization/ Recruitment and Retention funds


As Remembrance Day approaches, it is my hope that we all take the time to pause and honour the sacrifices of so many to protect the freedom we all enjoy. We owe such a debt of gratitude to those who given (and continue to give) their lives or who are physically and psychologically injured because of their service to us and our country of Canada.

Labour Relations Officer assignments

The new portfolios for our MAHCP Labour Relations Officers have been finalized.  These new assignments will take effect on Monday November 14 and can be found here as well as in the upcoming December newsletter.

Standardization/ Recruitment and Retention funds

The process for the Central Table Standardization/Recruitment and Retention Funds is continuing, but still very slowly. We expect to finalize the Standardization Fund by next week.

For the Recruitment and Retention Fund, we have managed to meet twice with Employer representatives to determine the information that will be discussed, both in terms of what our members’ needs are as well as where the Employer’s priorities may be.

We have meetings booked throughout November and into December with the hope that we can finalize this fund relatively soon. I know there is some concern as well as some frustration as to the length of time that it is taking, but I would like to assure those members that the funds remain available because of being part of our legally binding settlement agreement.

In Solidarity,

Bob Moroz
MAHCP President