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President’s update on WRHA Phase 2 changes at Seven Oaks


Yesterday we received the Employment Security Notice from Seven Oaks General Hospital. This notice is in accordance with MOU # 1 of the Collective Agreement.

The notice specifies the following impacts and is taken directly from the notice:

“We have outlined the impacted areas below, accompanied by a brief description of the impact. We anticipate the changes will be implemented no sooner than November 30, 2018. Our current planning has targeted the mental health changes for December 1, 2018.

• Diagnostic Imaging Camera Decommission – Nuclear Medicine Tech – Deletions
• Mental Health Consolidation – Social Worker – Reduction
• Mental Health Consolidation – Occupational Therapist – Reduction
• Mental Health Consolidation – Recreation Therapist – Reduction

A meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks to discuss the various changes and how we can work together to develop a Labour Adjustment Strategy which supports staff though this change. Meetings with impacted employees will be scheduled in the near future.”

The first meeting following this notice is scheduled for early next week where discussions will be held to determine the number of EFTs involved and how those EFTs will be distributed to other sites, most notably the Victoria General Hospital as the centre for Mental Health in Winnipeg. More detailed information will be available as we learn more.

The Nuclear Medicine positions referenced are not related to Mental Health Consolidation but rather a result of equipment at the site breaking down and the apparent decision not to replace that equipment at Seven Oaks. Those affected members have already been in contact with MAHCP and we will be treating this as any other Labour Adjustment Strategy going forward.

MAHCP continues to advocate government and the Employer to reconsider a number of these changes where patient care is being put at risk. It is our mission to ensure that the rights of members are protected, and the Collective Agreements are followed throughout these changes.

In the meantime, thank you all again for your continued dedication to your patients and your professions.

In Solidarity,
Bob Moroz
President, MAHCP


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