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President’s update on WRHA Phase 2-Surgery

MAHCP has received the Employment Security Notices from the Employers related to the Phase 2 changes to the WRHA surgical program delivery. In this Phase, MAHCP members at Concordia General Hospital and Seven Oaks General Hospital will be affected.

Here is the content of the notices, the wording of the letters is identical with only the professions affected in each facility are different:

“Further to recent discussions and MAHCP, the following represents the types of changes that will take place within Concordia General Hospital / Seven Oaks General Hospital.

In order to commence the process of moving towards implementing these changes and to ensure that appropriate discussions and planning continue to take place, we are providing this formal notice pursuant to Memorandum of Understanding # 1 in the Collective Agreement.

We have outlined the impacted areas below, accompanied by a brief description of the impact. We anticipate that the changes will be implemented no sooner than January 11, 2019.

Concordia General Hospital:

– Diagnostic Imaging – X-Ray Technologist – Reduction

Seven Oaks General Hospital:

– X-Ray – Reduction

– Anesthesia Respiratory Therapist – Reduction

– Dietitian (spelling corrected by MAHCP) – Reduction

– Cast Clinic – Ortho Tech – Reduction”

The Employment Security Notice is required by Memorandum of Understanding # 1 of the Collective Agreements. This notice begins a minimum 90 period where the Employer and MAHCP discuss the planned changes and how they are managed. The first of these meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 2.

The notice does not indicate the number of EFTs affected or what the plan is for those EFTs. The notices indicate reductions, but in most cases, the funding for these positions are transferred to another facility, according to the Employer’s plan.

It remains our focus to do whatever we can to maintain EFTs in the system and to ensure that any transfer processes follow our Collective Agreement language and are as fair as possible to those members who are directly affected.

As we learn more about the Employer’s intentions, we will be sharing with the affected members. Specifically, we will be sharing the number of affected EFTs and the options available to those members.

In Solidarity,

Bob Moroz
President, MAHCP


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