Provincial Government Merger Announcement April 17, 2012


April 17, 2012
Provincial Government Merger Announcement April 17, 2012
MAHCP is in support of government initiatives to improve the delivery of healthcare. Centralization is often a government initiative during tough economic times.

I have been assured through the Minister’s office that there will be no frontline MAHCP member’s jobs affected and no hospitals closed as a result of this.  The Government will be creating a Labour Relations Working group. MAHCP will have a seat on that group and will be appointing the appropriate individual to be part of that committee.  It is our understanding that the committee will be looking at the logistical ramifications and the impact if any on front line staff with the merging of the health authorities.

At this time it is our understanding that all existing collective agreements remain in effect and staff will continue to be represented by their respective unions.  I will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

Wendy Despins MLT
President MAHCP