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Statement on behalf of Manitoba’s public sector unions after Feb. 10 meeting with government



MAHCP members, below is a statement from Manitoba Federation of Labour President Kevin Rebeck. It was released to media this afternoon after a meeting with Province of Manitoba officials, which President Bob Moroz also attended.

President Moroz would like all of you, each and every one of our members, to know that MAHCP is working very closely with other public sector unions involved in the meetings with provincial officials. Our goal is to make sure your rights are protected and the services we provide are protected.


Feb. 10, 2017

Government officials again declined to answer questions about the province’s fiscal outlook and the assumptions underpinning it.

By denying basic financial information the Premier and the Finance Minister are preventing public sector unions from participating in a meaningful consultation.

In the meeting, however, we did present some potential fiscal scenarios, based on the information we’ve been able to gather ourselves.

The officials were unwilling to confirm whether the government is open to options other than legislation.

And, they did not elaborate on any of the legislative measures mentioned in the government’s recent letter.

The officials who attended the meeting today were clear that they are not decision makers in this process, and they are taking direction.

We want to work constructively with the province to find a balanced approach that includes returning to balance over an eight-year period.

But it seems that Premier Pallister is more focused on cuts to public services and reopening signed contracts than protecting those services and the people who deliver them.


In solidarity,

Kevin Rebeck
President, Manitoba Federation of Labour


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