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Update on Standardization and Recruitment and Retention Funds


Both funds have now been finalized.

Standardization Fund

As a reminder, a total of $1 Million was included in the Employer’s final offer, which was ratified, for the following groups to “standardize” wages. The new scales are now posted at www.mahcp.ca .

For the Pharmacy Assistants, the wage scale for the WRHA and the NRHA has been matched to the St. Boniface hospital top rate (excluding the 20 year step). The St. Boniface scale has been the highest for some time.  The top rate is now step 5 at all sites, where there were only 4 steps previously.  The new scales will now be consistent across our sites and now maintain a differential of 3% between steps..  Pharmacy Assistants will be moved to the next highest rate on the scale and not necessarily step on step, including those at St. Boniface with the exception of those at the top of scale already.

Social Workers will see an adjustment that will average approximately 3.5%. You will see that the scales have also been altered and all members will be moved to the new scale at the step that sees an increase.  This means that you will not be moved step for step.  Two new steps were added at the bottom of the BSW scale which is why there are now 9 steps on that scale.

Dietitians will receive and adjustment that averages around 3% with no alterations to the number of steps on the wage scales.

All of these adjustments are retro-active to April 1, 2016.

Recruitment and Retention Fund

There were nine groups that were included in the Employer’s final offer which was ratified.  During the discussions, the Employer identified a group of four that, in their view had a (slightly) greater recruitment and retention concerns.  As a result of many discussions, the following adjustments will be applied in addition to the general increase and are fully retro-active to April 1, 2016:

MRI Technologists, Respiratory Therapists, Audiologists, Speech Language Pathologists:

April 1, 2016 – 2.65%

April 1, 2017 – 2.5%

Cardiology Technologists, Echo Sonographers, Sonographers, Occupation Therapists, Physiotherapists:

April 1, 2016 – 1.75%

April 1, 2017 – 1.7%

These revised scales have not yet been provided to us by the Employer. They will be posted as soon as we receive them and review them for accuracy.


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