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Statement from President Jason Linklater on bilateral health-care funding agreements

On behalf of MAHCP’s 7,000 specialized allied health members, we are very pleased with the Province of Manitoba/Government of Canada’s February 15 joint announcement of two significant, multi-year health funding agreements.

MAHCP has been calling on government to address rising vacancies, unreasonable overtime, deteriorating morale and crumbling faith in the system for many years, and we are still in a crisis.

Without allied health professionals, the health-care system doesn’t function…at all. Our members conduct diagnostic imaging. They are the pharmacists who manage medication. They provide essential lab work. They provide radiation treatment for cancer patients, deliver occupational therapy and physiotherapy services following surgery, transport and maintain critically ill patients, respond to trauma situations throughout Manitoba, and so much more. They work everywhere throughout health care and they are struggling to keep their heads above water. Allied health is the very foundation of the system.

According to the Working Together agreement, “Manitoba will move forward with its commitments to fix the damage, starting with staffing shortages.” The plan for 1,000 additional staff in key areas including 200 paramedics is excellent news, but we need to address all critical staff shortages across the system. We’re calling on government to address vacancies by:

  1. Assessing recruitment and retention practices to attract younger workers to a career in health care and prevent attrition
    1. Implement positive changes to wages and incentives, and improve working conditions to boost Manitoba’s competitiveness
    2. Evaluate COVID-19 premiums and re-introduce a revised retention incentive premium framework for the hardest-hit professional areas
    3. Post all vacant positions and work towards filling those roles
  1. Increasing education intake
    1. Expand training seats in key programs
    2. Roll out education opportunities in a variety of satellite locations throughout Manitoba
    3. Launch bursaries and return-of-service agreements for the hardest-hit professions
  1. Increasing investment in key allied health areas, including family health services in rural and remote areas, mental health & addictions, and long-term care

In theory, this level of funding should take some of the pressure off and enable critical investments to be made throughout Manitoba’s fragile health-care system. MAHCP asks that the funding be put directly towards fixing health care, and not towards the goal of balancing the budget.

We can’t afford NOT to make significant investments in health care.


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