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WCB and COVID-19 update from MAHCP President

The possibility of exposure to COVID-19 at work is a serious matter. Your safety while on the job has been a top priority for MAHCP since the first hint of this crisis.

We remain focused on making sure Employers provide appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and follow other public health protocols to provide the highest level of safety for our members.

In the event you are exposed, or if you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 at work, you should inform your supervisor immediately in writing and document the suspected exposure. If you then test positive for COVID-19, you should file a WCB claim immediately. If exposure happens at work, it is MAHCP’s firm position that COVID-19 should be covered by WCB, just like any other safety issue. It is the Employer’s responsibility to keep you safe on the job. Once a claim is made, WCB will investigate the details in order to determine coverage, which is why proper reporting and documentation is so important.

The Manitoba Federation of Labour has called for presumptive workers compensation coverage for ALL Manitoba workers who are exposed to COVID-19 on the job. Presumptive coverage means that you would be “presumed” to have contracted the virus at work and would be covered by WCB unless proven otherwise.

MAHCP supports MFL’s position on presumptive coverage and I will be writing to WCB to make our position clear. You can also add your voice by writing to the Premier on this issue through the MFL’s action website.

Please feel free to contact your Labour Relations Officer if you have any questions, and please stay safe, on the job and at home.


In solidarity,

Bob Moroz

MAHCP President


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